5 things you should do to give in to fascism


Having ruined several expensive consumer electronics by imbibing a beverage while reading Christopher Elliot’s well-intentioned, but ill-considered list of five things you should never say to a TSA screener, I now present to… Continue reading

My bad day with the TSA


by Bob the Commuter This morning, as I boarded my flight, I tweeted the following to the @SayTheFourth┬áhandle: The full story is much bigger than 140 characters can capture. As I approached the… Continue reading

Recite This…


It’s time to take back the Fourth Amendment


If you’re traveling by air on July 23rd and 24th, 2012, and as you go through any part of a TSA checkpoint, open your mouth and recite the entire Fourth Amendment. Better yet,… Continue reading

…to Protest This

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